Ab was planning to make a song tittled “WAVES”, with a beat produced by him and RAPIC R FATAL.When the beat got lost he decided to lay verses on the unmasterd version with the hook,will it be good quality?

The song is set to be released in 3 weeks, so y’all better brace yourselves.

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(Verse 1)
I’m feeling so stupid
For living a lie,
Haters are thorns in my life.
I’m on the road like
24/7 just stopped for gas
U know what I rep

I go way back at
the end of the year

They told me that this ain’t
My time
Well guess what
I’m makin it mine

They just hating
Couse I’m slaying them
Burying them
Barring the burdens
Right on my shoulder

Walking on fire like
Cold trying us
Ask me no questions
I’ll tell you no lie
Pick it with
Kill your dreams for
The night

Man put some respect
On the name
Gemini way too insane

Album might sell out
Like Carter tha third

I got family trees
I cut a branch if you double cross,
why am I cross?
I could use with more
Rosaries, a Miley Cyrus…
We can 96 from 9 to 6
Call that a crisscross
I’m so crossed coz I’m a Christian

Levitating over y’all
Young David
Even when I rhyme about
The future I’m reminiscing
Call me Cole

Anyway Ima shine
Keep it 100 karots
Kim Kardashian’s diamond ring
Ain’t nothing compared to my future

I’m riding solo
So Ima need a scooter
I’m spitting shots
Yeah I’m a shooter

I’m cool now
I got troops now
I’m cooled down
I had hell with me

I’m cool now
I got troops now
I’m cooled down
I had hell with me

(Short snippet)


More money
More problems
More money
More blessings
That’s what I’ll be getting

Cause I’m on the road where the gas at?
I’m on the road where the gas at?
We on the road where the gas at?
I’m on the road where the gas at?
We on the road where the gas at?

(Verse 2)

Facing facts like enemies
Putting it down
For the people
The people that know
How we rolling
they know
Why we chose it
They know how we
Hold it
I’m raising the bar
We towed it

No limit
No freedom
When sinning
We winning
We did it
But we haven’t made it yet

Keep it
Private like I’m in a jet

Up in smoke like
A cigarette




(Intro :Ab GEMINI)

YEAH, Ab GEMINI on the beat

It’s summer time,

Coin, ThaliStar.

(Hook : ThaliStar)

[Wadup? it’s summer time,

Summer this ,summer that

Put your hands up] 3x

(Hey) put your hands up (hoo)

Put your hands up(hey)


(Verse 1 :Ab GEMINI)

Uh, it’s Ab… Gemini

The jiggy gizzy in the flesh(right)

Strike hard and fast as a lightning

Call me the thundercat, I’m hot

Is it summer yet?

Broads in swimsuits sippin’ the coudine 

Walking slower than then the caterpillar

Envy, is what they got when I spit in the stu.

Summer time a banger to you, the sun hotter

Than her, she a female dragon…

Gave me head and then blew me

God damn it burns

It’s a p.a.r.t.y, I didn’t really

Feel the energy of the beat,

So I had to bring creed on the track.

I just banged a mermaid now my

Ghetto D has a tail, call it a cocktail

We out here in the studio cooking.

It’s summer time tell me is you feeling

What I’m feeling? (I do)

I said is you Feeling what I’m 


I woke up feeling large,

Woke up broke bars I was feeling like

Nas,I trust.

Posted pics on insta got likes,

Hosted my dreams in my sleep

I’m the main character.

I’m such a flame, I pray to god

I don’t flicker.

I’m such a blame, I pray to god

It don’t get any bigger.

HOMIE you lame, I pray to god

You don’t ask me for a feature, no!.

(Hook : ThaliStar)

[Wadup? It’s summer time,

Summer this, summer that,

Put your hands up] 3x

(Hey) put your hands up (hoo)

Put your hands up (hey)


(Verse 2 :TH3 COIN)


Summer this summer that

With my girl at the beach, she is

just a Snitch,

She tell my homies 

About my surprise party.

We gonna party all night.

With no worries

With my buddies

We are so funny (so funny)

With no money

I drank a lot of beers ,huh

Told my haters you got

no manners.

Ka tshwara bana,
Bare kae lahla,

Ka tshwara slahla,

Bare kae baka,

I’m the boss in my own crib,

Oh no no chicks!

Everybody wanna follow me to my crib.

Ke summer boss

Wear your skinny jean

Ain’t got no time for ya,

All my haters at the back

They have no time, huh, uh.

COIN never give up 

On a chick,Even though

I see that nothing’s Gonna happen

You know I’m a sharpen 

That’s gonna happen




Summer  yadi summer

Sitting with my mama,

Can I get your number,

I don’t know your number,

Call me your lover.


I say it’s summer

Its very hot 

Girl you’re hot like a sun girl,


(Hook : ThaliStar)

[Wadup it’s summer time

Summer this, summer that,

Put your hands up ]3x

 out your hands up 

Put your hands up.

  • By Ab GEMINI
  • ThaliStar
  • TH3 COIN
  • produced by Dj Hybar
  • Date of release: 13 December 2016
  • Found on Ab GEMINI’s mixtape and more…
  • The first song on the mixtape

You can download the song on the link below: